Monday, November 2nd: Strahan – Lake St.Clair

The distance for today was only 165Km with a few stops along the way. The first one was a 10 minute walk to Nelson falls, a small waterfall in the ever present rainforest. Next was a more significant hike up hill to Donaghy Lookout from where we had a 360 degrees view of the surrounding mountains, including Frenchman’s Cap. Following the same road (there’s only one) we stopped at the Franklin River’s bridge, a one man’s suspension bridge to cross the river. Close by we saw the first ever “shoeshine” machine in a forest. Hikers need to clean their shoes entering/leaving the track to avoid spreading “root rot”.
Arriving at Lake St. Clair we went for tickets for the lake ferry and found out that we could just speak Dutch as the girl at the counter was from Kortrijk… It’s a small world after all…..
Once again we were lucky because the sun was out most of the time we were out on the water.
A short drive further we found our accommodation, a house up a hil, just for us. After dark we drove up and down the nearby street looking for wildlife. In just minutes we spotted several Pademelons, possums and a few wallabies.