Sunday, November 1st: Strahan

We were woken up by a heavy downpour, lightning and thunder but after breakfast the rain had already stopped. We had booked a Gordon River Cruise and by 9 o’clock the ship left the dock headed to a narrow “gate” to the open sea. We just put the “nose” of the ship out into the open and quickly realised why so many ships in history failed to make it through the entrance. Wind and currents made this a dangerous undertaking. While making our way upstream we moored at an old prison colony on an island where the worst of the worst had to do their lifetime sentence. Back on the ship, buffetlunch was ready for all to enjoy.
At the returnpoint we were allowed off the ship again for a short walk in the rainforest and by then it was time to return to the dock.
Before returning to our B&B we drove 10 Km North to see a special location. The rainforest gave way to Henty Sand dunes, an area with high dunes just appearing out of nowhere. It was a high and steep climb to get an overview but well worth it.