Saturday, October 31th: Queenstown to Strahan

The reason we chose Queenstown to spend the night was because we had booked trip on the historic steamtrain that was once used to transport people, supplies and copper through the rough terrain of the rainforest. As the train leaves at 9 we had to make sure we close enough to be on time.
The steamtrain is 119 years old and was converted to run on oil instead of coal and uses 1000’s of liters of water for the 34Km round trip. As it needs to be filled up after climbing up the hill it makes a few stops where people can get refreshments, use the toilets and make a short walk.
By 1 o’clock we were back at Queenstown station and before heading to Strahan, our next destination, we went to Iron Blow where we could see the old mining location from a floating viewing platform.