Wednesday, October 28th: Arthur River

Just a little over an hour from Stanley is Arthur river, a small village from where the Arthur River Cruise departs. From the jetty we sailed upstream and after 10 minutes we stopped to see an eagle’s nest. Two eagles were watching us from a nearby tree and quickly came to catch a fish that was thrown from our boat. Further upstream the same happened with another eagle. At the endpoint where the Arthur River splits we got on land for a short walk in the rainforest while our BBQ lunch was being prepared. Next to the tables was a pademelon with joey begging for food so we fed her some vegetables. After lunch we returned to the jetty and then drove one kilometer to “the edge of the world”, a place from were, in straight line, it’s about 16000 Km of water to the coast of South America.
We then returned to Stanley to enjoy a quiet evening.