Tuesday, October 27th: Devonport to Stanley

One hour after we sailed from Melbourne Harbour we were in the open waters of the Bass Straight and eventhough the captain promised us a `smooth sailing` we could feel the ship moving. From the sounds we heard near our  cabin we imagined many didn`t enjoy their dinner for a long time.
At 6:30 we disembarked in Devonport, Tasmania and picked up our rental car, a Toyota Camry, ready to drive on the `wrong side` of the road for a while. After a few turns I got the hang of it and used the right handle to signal directions instead of the windscreenwipers.
We first stopped for a waffle breakfast at Chocolate d`Anvers and then it was on to Penguin, a small town famous for it`s…. 2 meter high penguin and penguin garbage cans. This was a quick stop so we continued to Burnie to visit the Emu Rodondendron Gardens. This time of the year the flowers are blooming making the area very colourful.
Next stop was Wynyard lighthouse where we climbed the stairs to the top for a view of the surroundings.
By now it was time to get to Stanley as we had a boattrip to a seal colony booked. Unfortunately, this trip was cancelled due to the weather. Instead we went up `the Nut` a large rock that dominates Stanley.