Monday, 29°C cloudy, rain, sun and cloudy again

Time to leave the Mount Fuji area today. It was already warm when we left the guesthouse and set out to take the bus to Odawara. We made a reservation on the high speed Hikari train to Nagoya. This part of the train ride only takes 72 minutes and the connecting ordinary train  takes 96 minutes for a total of  397 Km. The Hikari travelling at 270 Km/h the “Rapid Mie” at a mere 110 Km/h. We arrived in Futaminouri just after 1 o’clock, crossed the square in front of   the train station and checked into our new guesthouse for the next two nights. The owner went out of his way to show us everything and after we settled in he offered to take us to the local aquarium even though it’s only a 1.5 km walk. The main attraction here are the “wedded rocks”, two rocks in the water joined by ropes. There is also shrine here were many Japanese come to pray. We walked back to the hotel where a little later dinner was prepared for us in a separate room. It was a typical Japanese dinner so we had to sit on the floor and eat with sticks from different little plates. After this we retired back to our room for the night.