Lucky, but not that lucky

It was still early but we could clearly see something was up in the sky. There were hardly any clouds so we rushed outside for the short auroral display that came in from te West. As fast as it appeared so fast the event ended. We kept close eye on the monitoring websites and a little while later we were outside again.

We found some shelter from the strong behind the cabins with clear view to the  North for yet another display. Lady aurora was getting stronger but cloudcover was increasing too. It looks like nature’s show is over for today as it started to rain soon after and winds were picking up to gale force again.

Forecast for the next 24-36 hours…. rain and wind with improving weather for monday afternoon and evening… fingers crossed.





2 Comments on “Lucky, but not that lucky

  1. Verklaard dat eens nader. “that came in from te West.”
    Dit is toch niet afhankelijk van overheerste wind of toch ?

    • Aurora is niet 1 groot gebied, het zijn kleine stukjes activiteit en je ziet die soms op 1 plek ontstaan en zich verder ontwikkelen. Gisteren zagen we een ‘slinger’ in het westen vertrekken en zich uitbreiden tot boven ons hoofd. De latere activiteit zat noord-noord-oost en verplaatste zich eerst wat naar pal noord om dan weer wat terug NNO te gaan. Het is steeds in beweging.
      Meer uitleg vrijdag als je wil. Ik zal de foto.s meebrengen op tablet.