#3000 special cache or special location?

Today, our number of  found caches stands at 2988. We have been thinking of #3000 for a while and want this to be a memorable cache or cache location, if possible both. It’s not always easy finding those special caches but a special location was quickly found. We had planned a special trip and soon saw an opportunity to find our next milestone cache close to our previous milestone in Tromsø, Norway.

The main problem the last few weeks was not going geocaching but making sure we wouldn’t find to many caches at a time. This meant walking multi’s and leaving traditionals for later. On top of that we wanted to avoid walking on very muddy pathways and so we mostly choose city caches and limited our outings mostly to Sundays in order to avoid large crowds of shoppers. So far it worked well and with a maximum of 11 founds to go before our trip we are getting anxious to head out north soon.