Singapore – day 2

With nothing really “planned” we set out to the city after breakfast.  We started in Chinatown where the streets were filled with tourists and shop owners trying to sell their stuff  (“Can I offer you a discount?) and which also boasts the Indian Sri Mariamman temple.  We then walked to  Merlion Park with the Merlion, THE symbol of Singapore, via the Singapore river and Raffles statue. From Merlion Park we had a view of the newly build Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the grandstands for the opening of the Youth Olympics that were to open later that day. Because of the Olympics a lot of streets were closed so we decide to take the MRT away from all the action to Fort Canning, a park on a hill where we found our only two geocaches.

By now it was time to head back to the airport where we had our dinner and got our luggage back from storage. We changed clothes in the pool changing room and took the shuttle to T1 check-in. After going through immigration and security we were ready to board for our 12 hour flight to Frankfurt. Fortunately our flight landed on time so we could change terminals and board the flight to Brussels that left 1 hour 20 minutes later.