Uluru – day 2

We woke up under a cloud covered sky this morning and worried a bit about the view we would see today. Fortunately the clouds began to clear around 10 when we started the Mala Walk. On this tour the ranger was assisted by an Aboriginal woman who at certain places at the base of Uluru told us (in her own language) about the history of her people. The ranger translated for us and also informed us when we were at a sacred place where photography was not allowed. Even though people are asked by the local Aboriginals not to climb Uluru, we saw lots of people lining up to go to the top, however, it seems most people seem to respect the local wishes and do not climb.
By noon we were back at the hotel so we could have lunch and walk the grounds of the resort. We used our free time to prepare for tomorrow when we are to return to Alice Springs.
At 5:15 we were picked up by a bus again for a sunset dinner with view on Uluru. There was kangaroo steak and crocodile salad. Before dessert we got another talk about the stars and got the opportunity to look at the night sky through telescopes.