Uluru – day 1

Alarm clock at 5 in the morning! We were picked up by a 4WD bus for a view of the sun rising over Uluru. There were only 11 of us on the tour and the viewing location was at the end of a private road so there was nobody around but our little group. While the sun  rose we were served a bush breakfast around an open fire. The bus then brought us to the base of Uluru and made several stops driving around the rock. We also visited the Aboriginal cultural center and finished the tour with another view of Uluru, the same view as seen on almost all postcards. It was still only 15°C with a strong cold wind when we got back at the hotel. We had lunch and then drove to the Olgas ourselves. We went on two different hikes and went to a viewing point in time to see the sunset on the Olgas.