Rottnest Island

We left the guesthouse at 9 for Fremantle where the 10 o’clock ferry brought us to Rottnest Island. It only takes 30 minutes to get there and a little later we were ready to go on the rental bikes. We made a tour of half the island looking out for scenic views and wildlife. We saw 2 bobtails and several skinks (lizard type reptiles) and a lot of Quokka’s. The quokka is native to Rottnest and looks like a very small kangaroo. When we stopped to eat our lunch we were suddenly surrounded by 6 of them begging for food. Since it’s illegal and more important since they can get sick from human food we didn’t feed them. Several of the quokka’s had joeys (babies) sitting in their mothers pouch.

All too soon we had to return the bikes and get back on the ferry to Fremantle where we strolled the historic center until it got dark. An half an hour drive got us back to the guesthouse where we started to pack for tomorrows flight to Alice Springs.