Denham to Kalbarri

We’re moving again. Leaving the hotel at 8:30 we bought some food and filled up the car and started our drive south. First stop was Shell Beach. As the name suggests the beach is made of small white shells. Further south we took another side road to the stromatolites. These “rocks” are live organisms believed to be the source of life on earth. We were able to see oxygen bubbles coming up from some of the stromatolites. We soon turned onto highway 1 until we crossed the Murchinton river. A few kilometer further we exited Highway 1 in the direction of Kalbarri. We drove into the park to Ross Graham lookout and Hawks Head lookout.
We checked in our hotel and drove through the town to Red Bluff a lookout over the Indian ocean. Shortly after we arrived there we saw the sunset. It was then time for dinner and retreating to the hotel and preparing for tomorrow’s drive further south.