We slept in today. After breakfast we went to the visitor center in town to stroll the Shark Bay exhibition.  We then took the car to drive to Ocean Park. This is a small operation with only a few tanks with different species of fish and two larger pools, one with large fish, the other with sharks.

During the tours many of the fish are fed and so were the sharks. However, in winter sharks need little food as it’s too cold to digest.

After our visit we found the only remaining geocache in the area. We then continued to Eagles Bluff from where we had an overview of the bay while having lunch. After a short hike we returned to Denham for a rest.

At 18:30 the Didgeridoo Dreaming tour started in Monkey Mia.  “Capes”, an aboriginal who organizes this tour took us on a short walk in the bush where a fire was already burning. He told us about the aboriginal   spiritual way of life .

On the way back to Denham we had the honor of doing a breathalyzer test for the local police. During all those years of driving rental cars it had to happen sometimes…..