4WD in Francois Peron

Katie from Monkey Mia Wildsights picked us up at 8:30 for a tour of Francois Peron. Only the first 6 Km of the park are drivable in a normal car, after that the tires of the 4WD vehicles are deflated a bit so the ride on the very fine sand is more comfortable and the chance of getting stuck is minimal. Along the way to the end of the park we stopped at most viewpoints for pictures and wildlife viewing. We saw several rays and dolphins, all kinds of birds, a kangaroo and a few bobtails. Katie informed us about the many plants and gave information what plants were used by the aboriginal people to cure all sorts of problems. By 17:00 we were back at the hotel thinking we could relax for the rest of the evening, however Katie called us to say that the Astronomy on the beach tour we wanted to do but were told wasn’t running, would be going that evening in Monkey Mia.  So we went out for a quick dinner and drove the 26 Km road in the dark watching out for rabbits and kangaroos that cross the road after sunset.
It was Harvey, the owner of Monkey Mia Wildsights who explained us about the night sky pointing everything out with his laser until the moon began to light up the sky. The presentation than continued in the resort’s conference center until it was time to head back on the pitch black road.