Coral Bay to Denham

671 Km was the distance to cover so we got on the road by 8 o’clock. After a little over 200 Km we stopped at the Blowholes, a coastal rockformation eroded by the ocean so water is pushed through holes and blown up under pressure.  It’s a special spectacle that’s worth the 100 Km detour. 70 Km further south we stopped again in Carnarvon for lunch and a visit to the one mile jetty. A small train brings visitors to the end of the jetty and back again. Before leaving Carnarvon we went to see big satellite dish used during the 1969 moonlanding. From here it was a non-stop to Denham. The stretch of highway was littered with dead kangaroos and a few goats, a reminder it’s best to keep your eyes firm on the road. By 17:45, just before dark,  we arrived in Denham.