Cape Range

At 6:30 the 4WD of West Trek safaris arrived in front of the hotel to pick us up. It was still dark as the sun would only rise at 7. We made our way to Shot Hole Canyon via a track for 4WD only. We saw the sun rise as we walked up to a viewing point in the canyon. We headed back to the main road and a few Km further we got onto another track, Charles Knife’s road. We returned via the same track to the main road and continued south to once again turn into another track. This was a long track that meanders from the east to west side of the peninsula. It took about 3 hours to make the crossing as the some parts of the track can only be done very slowly as the 4WD crawled over rocks. THe views along the way were spectacular.

Once we were near the ocean again we continued south for a short while to Yardie Creek. We saw a few Rock Wallabies hiding between the rocks there while going on a short hike. After the hike we had lunch near the beach.

By now it was getting close to 3 o”clock and we began to make our way back north.  As I already picked up a few geocaches during this trip our guide and drive made a few stops where other caches were hidden.  At Turquoise Bay we went snorkeling for a while and then had our “afternoon tea” before continuing the drive. Right before sunset we  were at the Vlamingh Head lighthouse to see the sun go down. Then it was time to get back to the hotel.

This was a trip that took almost 12 hours but it was well worth the effort. We went places we would never have seen on our own as the rugged terrain would be a no-drive for any rental company.