September 23rd, Heidelberg

After a little over 2 hours driving we arrived in Heidelberg on top of the hill. We left the car at the hotel and took the funicular down to the town’s center for a walk along the most interesting sites. A few of these were unfortunately cordoned off because of road works or restorations. Because of the warm, sunny weather it was very busy in the traffic free streets in the center.

We went to the Kornmarkt, just next to the cable car lower station and rathaus just behind the corner. We followed on to the nearby Heilig geist kirche and on to the old student prison, studentenkarzer, we the drawings the students made in the early 1900’s can still be seen on the walls.

Via the Marstalhof we walked back along the Neckar to the old bridge. It was then a short walk back to the cable car to go to Heidelberg castle where we could still visit a small part of the castle and all of the grounds around it.

The funicular the brought us back to the top, 550m above sea level, to our hotel.

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