September 14th, Lovrenska Lake

From our guesthouse at 400m above sea level we had a 14 Km drive ahead of us to get to more than 1400m above sea level in Rogla where we could start a 10Km walk to Lovrenska Lake. After going mostly uphill we arrived at a viewing tower overlooking the bog. From there we followed the boardwalks to the “lakes” or better, the ponds. As there are benches at this furthest point of the walk, it was the perfect spot for a picnic with view on the ponds and dragonflies.

Walking back was mostly downhill but a large part of the track had tree roots sticking out making it harder to walk.

After the hike we went to the close by “Treetop walk”, a boardwalk is build taking people up 14m above the ground in between the top of the pine trees. After about 400 meters a 37m high tower with spiraling walkway takes people up for a magnificent view of the surroundings.

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