September 12th, Umag – Postojna

We were leaving Croatia behind for a short drive to Postojna. The tickets for the caves were already waiting for us and at 12 we entered the caves for a ride on a small train that brought us to the start of the one hour walk through the large cave complex.

We had planned to go visit the nearby castle before driving to the pick-up point of the bear watching tour in the evening but since the start of that tour was changed a few days ago we wouldn’t have enough time anymore. Since we will be in Ljubljana in a few days time we’ll come back here later.

At the meeting point for the bear watching tour we got a short explanation about the European bears that live in the area and then our guide drove us into the nearby forest. We had to walk another 10 minutes to the hide that was especially build to have a view of the area bears come to search for food. Almost an hour nothing happened except for a few birds but then a fox showed up.

All of a sudden, from between the trees we saw a bear and three cubs walk to the open space in front of us. The cubs spread out a bit, still staying close to their mother, looking for food. Since the tour operators have feeders with corn and honey near the hides, bear sightings are almost guaranteed.

The fox stayed nearby the whole time but still kept a safe distance from the bears. With only a little light left we walked back to the car.