September 11th, Daytrip to Pula

No bordercrossings today. About an hour driving South brought us to Pula. It’s a small coastal town that attracts a lot of tourists so it’s very busy. The main sight is the Pula Arena, a coliseum where gladiators used to fight. We walked by the cathedral and Augustus’ temple to the fortress for a panorama of the city.

Via Sergei’s arch and the twin gate we got back to the parkinglot.

On the way back to Umag we stopped in Rovinj. It was less crowded than Pula and has the same narrow streets. At the edge of town next to an old lighthouse there’s a bunker overlooking the sea. Not far away, but uphill, there’s the church of Saint Euphemia. From here it was all downhill again to Tito Square.