October 9th, Lake Toya

The rain continued throughout the night so after breakfast we stayed in our room for a while checking weather sites. A webcam at Lake Toya showed better weather there eventhough it is only 30 minutes away so we decided it was time to leave. The further we drove the more the clouds cleared and as we arrived at the Nishiyama Crater trail it was sunny. The trail follows the destructive path of the eruption that pushed the area up 75 meters. The local cookie factory, kindergarten and private houses were destroyed as wel as the main road and all infrastructure.

We walked through town afterwards before driving to the Usuzan ropeway. In 6 minutes we were taken to the top to have a view over Lake Toya and after a 300m walk we could see the still active caldera.

We drove back along the other side of the lake from where we saw the sun set behind the mountains.