October 8th, Kushiro to Rusutsu

When we left the hotel it was already raining. Fortunately we only had one stop and that was after driving 340 Km. We decided to take the toll expressway eventhough speed is limited to 70Km/h most of the time. We already noticed that, although the Japanese seem to stickly keep to the law, they systematically drive 20Km/h over the limit. We try to fit in by setting our adaptive cruise control to 100Km/h and let the car just follow the one in front of us.

After being welcomed to Jigokudana by a giant “welcome demon” we found a parkinglot from where we walked to steam vents and along several other demons. We then drove up the mountain to Oyunuma for a view of the mud ponds.

We just stopped for dinner and then continued to Rusutsu where we had our accomodation.