October 1st, our first driving experience in Japan

We were ready to go at 9 and went to the parking next to the hotel to wentget our car. After we had paid we saw the garagedoor open and our car facing the right direction to drive away. Apparently the garage system turns cars 180 degrees somewhere inside. We loaded our luggage and let Waze guide us out of the city. Contrary to yesterday there was not a lot of traffic but we had to stay alert to drive on the left especially when turning right. For some reason we stayed on the National road with 50 and 40Km/h speed?imits so it took a lot more time to get to Cape Kamui.

The path to the lighthouse was closed because of strong winds so we could only see it from a distance. As this was the furthest point we returned along the same road for a while and then followed the Shimamui Coast, with an extra stop at Candle Rock to Otaru.

This small town is known for it’s canal and steam clock. We walked along the shopping street with historic buildings just in time to see and hear the clock’s whistles at 4 o’clock.

It was just over an hour’s drive via the toll highway to our hotel in Iwamizawa. We checked in, went for dinner 10 minutes further down the road and stopped across the road from our hotel to check out the very large supermarket so we can go there tomorrow for some food and drinks. We will be going through less populated areas tomorrow.