Snuba dive and still hot – 34°C and climbing

We packed our things so we wouldn’t have to loose time in moving to the other hotel. After breakfast we went to the marina for a SNUBA dive. The boat took us half an hour south before anchoring near the reef. While we were underway we got instructions on how to use the gear and the hand signals to “talk” underwater. Snuba is a lot like diving except you don’t need an air-tank on your back and you can’t go further down than 7.5 meter, the length of the air-supply lifeline. The air-tanks stay floating at the surface. There were many different fish swimming between the coral and it didn’t feel like we were underwater for 45 minutes. By the time we got back at the hotel it was time to load up the car and pay our bill. To make up for the mess with our reservation we were given a bottle of wine and a voucher for a nearby restaurant.We then moved to our room in the Ocean Breeze Inn.