December 15th, Unexpectedly still in Stanley

We were getting ready for breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Teresa came to tell us that our flight to Rio Gallegos was cancelled because of the weather. The airport was to close at 10 until tomorrow at 5 in the morning. Latam rescheduled the flight for Sunday at the same time. We are supposed to land around 4 in the afternoon but our booked flight to Buenos Aires will then have left already.

Since internet is metered and slow, Teresa offered her home connection to make all arrangements, flight change, cancel our hotel booking and booking another hotel, sending an email to our Buenos Aires B&B that we would be a day late so Orlando could reschedule our pickup from the airport and change our walking tour of Boca.
Changing our flight with Aerolineas Argentinas was done with the help of German, the Argentinian guest who also stayed in The Pale Maiden. He called his parents in Argentina who then called Aerolineas in Spanish. It looked as if we would have to pay a big re-booking fee or buy new tickets. At least we would be able to fly a day later.
When all this was done it was early afternoon so, in spite of the hard blowing wind, we went outside to find a few geocaches and visit the Christmas Tree contest exhibition.
After dinner we also visited the Christmas market near the museum.