December 11th, Sea Lion Island to Pebble Island

We got up at 4 in the morning and were at the beach 10 minutes before sunrise (4:28) to see if orca’s would show up  trying to catch some baby seals. Unfortunately they only visited the other side of the island. We still stayed at the beach to see the seals and elephant seals fight and play as they are mostly active at daybreak.

By 8 we were back at the lodge for breakfast and a little later we could step outside  and wait for the airplane to pick us up. We were the only ones on board so we had a free choice of seats, Ken took the co-pilot’s seat and after refueling in Stanley he flew most of the flight to Port Howard. We picked up one other passenger an then continued our journey with a 10 minute flight to Pebble Island.
We were welcomed by Ricky, our host with coffee and cake and an hour later we had lunch. At half past one we went on the half day tour of the Eastern side of the island. We came across the skeleton of a beached whale. As we continued we saw Magellan penguins and at the furthest point a few colonies of rockhopper penguins. As usual there were many birds and, as there are farms, lots of sheep and cows.
By 5:30 we were back, time for some rest before dinner.