December 8th, Rio Gallegos to Stanley

Time to leave Argentina for a week. After breakfast we drove to the airport and returned our car. We proceeded to check-in and then had time to wait for our airplane that came from Punto Arenas in Chile. We followed it’s progress on flightradar24 to know if it would be on time.

When we arrived at the airport we had to return our car and that proved to be an adventure. The National car office is only open Monday to Friday but there are two telephone numbers to call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week but no one answered. Asking around at the check-in, security and even emergency desks but no one knew if or when someone would come.

We decided to put the key in an envelope, write all info on in and after pushing the glass door we managed to flip the envelope through the narrow opening. Let’s hope all works out. At least we have pictures that we left the car on time in good shape and with a full tank. We also have picture of the envelope on the office floor.

Always be creative and flexible.

The Latam flight was right on time but it took a long time to get through immigration at Mount Pleasant military airport. Sue was waiting for us to bring us to our B&B, a 50 minute drive to Stanley, the main “city” of the Falklands.

From now on internet access will be difficult, especially on the two small islands we go to from Sunday morning, so there will probably  be no updates for a few days.