December 6rd, El Calafate

After the last busy days we decided to take it easy. Breakfast at 9 and then just two places to visit.

A few kilometers East of El Calafate are ancient caves with rock paintings by the first inhabitants of the area. It was clear that in some way they were connected to the Aboriginals of Australia as the paintings are very similar. At one point we saw a young bird of prey on a rock and as we approached we were “attacked” by the parents that flew straight at us just a few meters above our heads. As we followed the path the young bird and one parent flew into a crack in the rocks while the other adult screamed from another spot to try and get us away from the young.

After the tour of the caves we took a short break in town and then continued a few Kilometers to the West to the Glaciarium, a museum that tells about the way Earth and glaciers formed and the effects of climate change.

Below the museum is an ice bar where we had a drink from a glass made of ice in minus 5.5 degrees, a great difference with the 22 degrees outside temperature.