December 16th, North Seymour.

The boattrip to Nort Seymour was the only one we didn’t book in advance, but since we hadn’t seen the frigate birds with bright red chest we booked a last minute tour.

At 8 in the morning we were picked up and after collecting other passengers at their accomodation we were driven to the ferry terminal again where a small Zodiac brought us to the boat. In just one hour we anchored close to North Seymour island and were brouhgt on land with the Zodiac. Immediately we noticed frigate birds overhead and soon we were close to a few nests where we saw young chicks being fed. We followed the path and then saw the first big male with bright red blown up chest making a special call when a female flew over, after a few tries…. success… a female flew down and joined him.

We continued along the trail a saw several iguanas but by now we’re no longer impressed. We passed several more frigate bird  nests  a a few with blue footed boobies. The path led us back to the coastline were we found a few more blue footed boobies and a few sealions. After the Zodiactransfer, back on the boat, lunch was served while we headed back to Santa Cruz island. Those who wanted to snorkel could do so at a nearby beach but we decided to stay on board. By 16:00 we were back at the B&B