December 14th, the Plazas

No time to blog after we got back yesterday. Transfering the GoPro snorkeling video to the tablet took to long.

We were brought to the ferry terminal by bus and then got into a Zodiac that brought us to the boat to visit South Plaza. After 10 minutes we anchored down, and prepared to snorkel. We used the Zodiac to bring us about a kilometer further and got into the 19 degree water. As most of the time, the best place to snorkel was close to the rocks as most fish find their food there. After a while a sealion showed up and started to check out these strange creatures swimming in “his” water. He kept swimming in between and around us for while. We continued our swim between beautiful coloured fish when we noticed a big white tip shark a few meters next to us. I followed him for a while but couldn’t keep up. Back on board we set sail to South Plaza, the only island that can be visited on land. It took 45 minutes to get there and once again we needed the Zodiac to get on land. Near the landing dock sealions were playing and jumping out of the water.

South Plaza is very unique as it’s the only place to have red coloured vegetation part of the year and it’s also home to yellow coloured landiguanas. We followed the one hour long trail around the island enjoying the views and looking out for different birds. Back on board it was lunchtime and when that was finished we had a relaxing ride back. By 16:30 we were back at our B&B.