December 11th, biking around

No fixed time to get up today, what a luxury. After breakfast we went out to rent bikes in order to explore on our own. The first destination was the “wall of tears” build by prisoners doing hard labour. At the start of the trail there was a parkguard asking us to register and asking where we are from.

After a short visit we rode back along the same dirt road but this time stopping a few times. A hefty climb was needed to get to a viewpoint overlooking the biggest part of the island but clouds and fog inhibited seeing very far. Going downhill we passed several big tortoises just lying or walking on the road. Our next stop was Playa del amor, a small hidden rocky beach where iguanas are all over and where a part of the area is cordoned  off because iguanas go there to lay their eggs.

We stopped in town for a cool drink and then continued  to Concha de Perla at the end of a 150m boardwalk. The place is supposed to be good for snorkeling but eventhough the water was christalclear we could only see the same kind of colourful fish we saw before and no turtles, penguins or swimming iguanas so we decided not to go snorkeling there. We did enjoy the many sealions lying on the benches and the boardwalk.

It was late afternoon, we returned the bikes and went back to the hotel, all has to be packed for tomorrow’s flight to Santa Cruz.