December 10th, Los tuneles

This time a pickup with two benches in the back came to get us from our hotel for a boattrip to Los Tuneles. After we got our snorkeling gear and wetsuits we were dropped off at the harbour  from where a speedboat took us to our first stop in half an hour. Los Tuneles is a coastal lavafield where erosion from the sea created tunnels underneath the lava. In the christal clear water we spotted some fish, sealions and seaturtles while walking in the area. After a while we boarded the boat again and were taken to a snorkeling spot 10 minutes away.

Still on the boat we saw a few seaturtles closeby and once in the water we could swim really close to them. We first swam closer to land where in between the mangroves we spotted the first seahorses followed by a seasnake and colourful fish. In the shallow water we saw one seaturtle after another and while exploring more areas a eagle ray “flew” by so slow we could swim near it for a while. Our guide showed us a shark hidden in a small cave and further down a stingray was hiding in the sand. After about 1.5 hours of snorkeling we were getting ready to get back to the boat but not before a seaturle almost bumped in to me and a white tip shark swam by just meters away.

This was one of the longest and best snorkeling trips we ever did as we saw almost all sealife that can be seen.