December 9th, Sierra Negra

It was raining for some time when we got up at 5:45 in the morning. At 7 a bus, or better converted lorry with benches, picked us up at the hotel and brought us to the start of a 16 Km hike on the volcano. It was still raining a bit when we arrived but after only 15 minutes the sun came out and it immediately got very hot as there we no trees giving us some needed shadow. We had to follow a steady pace for the first 6Km, only stopping once for a view of the huge crater. We then followed a narrow track through lava fields to a few small craters. At the end there’s a nice panorama of the Northern, non-accessible, part of the island of Isabela.

The volcano is still active with the last eruption just 2 years ago.

After a rest at the end of the track it was time get back but this time the first part was uphill which in combination with a narrow volcanic path made it hard to walk. Back at the start of the track the path was mostly downhill and sandy. Nevertheless  it would be a lot easier if the complete tour could be done in 6 instead of 5 hours in order to have some extra resting time and photo stops along the way.