December 8th, Tintoreros

At 9:00 we were picked up by Pahoehoe for a 3 hour tour to Tintoreros a lavafield just outside of town. A small boat first took us along mangroves where we saw pelicans, a heron, a bunch of blue footed boobies and a few Galapagos penguins. In the mean time we saw sea turtles and sealions in the water around us. After a while we were dropped off on land for a one hour walk over the lavafield where 100’s of iguanas live. As usual there were many crabs too. Both species are slightly different from their relatives  on San Cristobal.

Back on the boat we headed to another part of Tintoreras to snorkel. Just seconds into the shallow water we were joined by a penguin, a magnificent treat. We swam between colourful fish and many giant seaturtles. They didn’t seem to mind that we got so close we could almost touch them. All too soon we had to get out of the water and return to town. Since there is a mangrove on the other side of where we snorkeled today we will go there later and try to swim with penguins and turtles again.