December 4th, local walk in the area

It was windy when we left for a walk North of town to the Interpretation center from where a 2Km path leads uphill to Cerro Tijeratas, a viewpoint that overlooks the bay where Charles Darwin first set foot on the Galapagos. Some frigate birds were flying overhead while we climbed the many stairs to the platform. Walking back down there’s a statue of Darwin with a tortoise, iguana and a sealion. The path then leads to a small beach at Puento Carola with once again a lot of sealions and a few iguanas. After this short tour we decided to go to our room for moment and cool off. This was also the time we reconsidered our plans for tomorrow, we wanted to rent bikes and have a taxi drop us off at the other end of the island an ride back but today’s heat made us decide to rent a taxi for the day.

In the afternoon we expored another part of town on our way to the airport where we checked if everything was still going according to schedule for our flight on Thursday. On the way back it was time for some icecream and sealion watching. It seems some of these animals like to visit the local hotel and bar and being a protected species it’s not easy to chase them away.

After dinner the Christmas tree was already lit up.