Wednesday 32°C mostly sunny

After breakfast we took the subway and high speed train to Himeji Castle, a 30 minute and 100 Km ride. Himeji Castle is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and one of Japan’s top tourist attractions. Like Osaka Castle it has 5 stories but on the inside there’s 6 stories. From the top visitors can see the castle ground and the area around Himeji. Next to the castle is a Japanese garden with typical plants, trees and ponds with bridges. About 500 meter away is a park on a hill from where there’s a fantastic view of Himeji Castle. If it weren’t for the geocache hidden on the top we might have missed this spot. We were at the train station just in time to board the Kodama high speed train back to Osaka. We also bought an English language newspaper with all the information about yesterday’s earthquake. These pages are going back to Belgium with us.