July 24th New York to Orlando

Again time for sleeping in. We did everything we wanted to do in New York and today we had to leave. We stayed in our room until check-out time and then took a cab to JFK. Traffic was rather light and we made good time. By 1 o’clock we were at the Delta check-in counter dropping off our luggage. Our flight on a Delta MD-88 was scheduled to take off at 16:18 but while we were in the plane we were told that we would have to wait for about 20 people from an incoming flight. Once they arrived we already missed our slot and we had about an hour of waiting time to be pushed back from the gate. We then had to wait in line for take off. The pilot informed us that he didn’t even know how many planes were before us. By the time we finally left New York behind the delay was about 2.5 hours. Fortunately the flight went smoothly as did the pick-up of our rental car. The car we booked was not available  so they gave us a van. At least there was enough space for our luggage. When we finally made it to the hotel and got settled in it was close to midnight.