Tuesday November 8th, Cape Reinga

The sun was out at 7 when we woke up, we had to prepare our own breakfast and be ready by 9 when Gary would pick us up in his 4×4 for a drive on 90 mile beach and Cape Reinga. As it was low tide we followed the waterline on the beach keeping an eye on the many birds trying to find some food. We had a few stops along the way and had our “morning tea” at the North end of the beach. We had to track back a short distance and drive through a “river” to the sand dunes where a group was surfing down the sand slope. A few stops later we were at Cape Reinga, the almost Northernmost tip of New Zealand, 1400 Km North of The Bluff at the other end of the country on the South Island.
The first stop on the way back was a secluded bay where we had lunch surrounded by birds trying to get some free food. By 17:15 we were back “home” where we just had to step outside to watch the sunset.