Wednesday August 4th  Foggy in Andenes, later sunny 24°C

Andenes - Svolvaer 217 Km

BleikWe woke up under the same fog as yesterday. After breakfast we were going to check the whale watching tour. Again the 10:30 was cancelled and a new decision was going to be made later for the trip of 13:30. We were not hanging around for that so we decided to move on. 10 Km south of Andenes, driving along the western side of the island is Andoya rocket range where scientific rockets are launched 10's of Km high. The sun was shining here already... further south is Bleik, a small fishing village from where trips are made to Bleikoya, the bird island. The island was barely viewable in the low hanging clouds. We continued south to Melbu where a ferry took us to Fiskebol on the Lofoten. We drove on to Svolvaer where we found another spot near the water to spend the night. Conditions where good and I made a nice series of QSOs from EU-076.

Campsite near Svolvaer

Thursday August 5th Sunny 25°C

Svolvaer - Moskesnes 94 Km

TrollfjordAfter breakfast we went to Svolvaer city center to find info on trips into Trollfjorden. As we arrived a boat just pulled away from the jetty but another was ready to go an hour later. We booked that one and found out there were just 7 people on board (while the other company had 2 full boats leaving). While in the Trollfjord an army helicopter came low above our heads. On the way back the captain stopped the boat and let us try to catch fish. At a depth of 70m there was cod and some people caught one, I didn't. From here we drove on to Kabelvag where the Lofotenmuseum is. They had 2 newly born seals just 3 and 4 weeks old. We continued south on the islands to Moskenes where we will take the ferry on Friday morning. Our camping spot once again overlooked the water and mountains....

Friday August 6th  Partly cloudy 20°C

Moskesnes - Ilstad 162 Km

Ferry from Moskesnes to BodųAt 1 in the morning we woke up from loud thunder and rain. It only lasted a short time and in the morning everything was dry again and there were patches of blue sky. We headed for the ferry terminal in Moskesnes and got there more than an hour in advance. As the ferry boarded we saw the car in front of us drive on as the last one, we would have to wait 4 hours for the next one. This meant that we would not get to Bodų before 18:00 and that the drive along road 17 would be out of the question. Outside Bodo we found another spot overlooking the water.

Saturday August 7th Rain in the morning and early evening 20°C

Ilstad - Mo I Rana 295 Km

SaltstraumenAfter breakfast we drove to Saltstraumen, where we saw the Malstrom. This is the fast flow of water with the tide. We crossed the polar circle again. Last time we drove here there was nothing more than a sign to mark 66° but now there was a large parking place, restaurant and visitor center. Next was Svartisen, a glacier near Mo I Rana, where we took a 20 minute boat ride and had to walk about an hour to see the glacier. Just as we arrived at the viewing point it started to rain. We had to get back to the boat in time as it was the last one taking people back.

Polar circle
Svartisen glacier

Sunday August 8th  Sunny 24°C

Mo I Rana - Lillehammer 745 Km

We got up a bit earlier than normal to begin the drive southwards. The narrow and winding road meant that we would cover a great distance. However, we kept on moving until we got 70 Km north of Lillehamer.

Monday August 9th  Sunny, 28°C

Lillehammer- Malmo 820 Km

sign to look for if you need a dump....We continued south. Finally the road E6 became a real highway near Oslo... for a while... Across the Swedish border we got multiple lanes again. We stopped in Malmų, just before the tunnel and bridge to Denmark. We choose a camping as we were very low on water and we needed a 'dump' for the toilet. We hadn't seen any dumps since we entered Sweden and the last 3 in Norway were out of order.

Tuesday August 10th  Sunny, 29°C

Malmo - Billund 286 Km

Legoland entranceOnly 290 Km separated us from Legoland in Billund, Denmark. It was hot again, the temperature was about 29°C. Again we drove across the bridge and through the tunnel between Malmų and Copenhagen We stopped close to Billund in Vejle for lunch and a stroll in the city center. We then proceeded to Legoland where we camped on the Legoland campsite.

Wednesday August 11th  Partly cloudy, 24°C

Billund - home 847 Km

LegolandToday we visited Legoland. Having visited Disney and Universal parks before we were prepared for a busy park and long waits... Not here though. Most attractions only had 5 minute waiting times throughout the day so by 16:30 we had 'seen it all'. We went back to the car park and decided that we would drive as long as possible before sleeping. The computer predicted about 9 hours of driving time (arrival home around 1:30). As we drove south traffic got lighter and apart of a short stop for dinner and 2 stops to fill up we continued until we were home around 2:00.... exactly as the computer predicted....


After a good night's sleep we unloaded the motorhome and cleaned it so it would be ready for return on Friday morning.

In all, this was a great trip. After a 16 day tour in Alaska, this was the 2nd holiday we spend in a motorhome. We covered 8200 Km in 21 days (the 5 days in Svalbard the RV was just parked) and 6 countries, had excellent weather and enjoyed the Norwegian countryside.

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