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Sunday, August 12th 27C Sunny

Before leaving the Trainstation Inn I found the geocache hidden on one of the carriages. It was then time to drive to Cape Breton. We took the main highway untill we reached the causeway to the island. From here we took the coastal drive to Port Hood and Mabou where we headed back to the 105 and north to Baddeck. It was still early so we went to town first where the Alexander Graham Bell Museum is located. Bell, best known for the invention of the telephone, worked mostly on airflight when he lived here. We checked in to the cottage that would be our home for the next 3 nights.

Monday, August 13th Overcast, rain in the afternoon 22C

It was cloudy when we got up. We drove the Cabot Trail today to Cape Breton Highlands National Park .Before we reached the entrance of the park we passed by Joe’s Scarecrow, a field filled with different dressed scarecrows. In Pleasnt Bay we visited the new Whale Interpretive Centre, a new small museum where information is displayed about whaling in the older days and whalewatching now. In the park we followed a few short hikes but around 3 o’clock it started to rain so we continued the rest of the tour only by car. We made a sidetrip to Bay of St. Lawrence where we saw a fisherman clean crabs and feeding the heads to the birds. Along the Cabot Trail I found 6 geocaches that where easily accesseble. We drove back to Baddeck via the shortes route so we had to take a 5 minute ferry on route 312. We stopped in town for dinner and went back to our Cottage.

Tuesday, August 14th Cloudy 20C

Another cloudy morning. We drove to Glace Bay for the Marconi Museum. I was hoping to operate from the amateur radio station there but no luck, no one from the local club was there. We continued to Louisburg to visit the fort. This is a very large fort so we spend a lot of time there. From Louisburg it was about 100 Km drive back to Baddeck.

Wednesday, August 15th Sun and cloud 22C

We took the Marine drive road from Baddeck to Darthmouth. Most of the road goes through little towns and fishing villages. One of our stops was Port Bickerton where we visited (yet another) lighthouse annex museum. In Sherbrooke the old part of town is restored to it’s late 19th century glory. 30 buildings can be visited and have old trades in them.

Thursday, August 16th Sunny 26C

Our last full day in the Halifax area. The sun was out early today and it was very warm. We went to Fisherman’s Cove, first. There were a lot of fishing vessels in the small harbour and there was not a lot of activity near the wooen shops. We left our car near the Dartmouth-Halifax ferry building and crossed the water to Halifax. The main attraction here is the Citadel. Every day at noon a cannon is fired here and the loud bang can be heard accross town. There’s also an army museum and at different times there are re-enactments of army life in days gone by. We walked back to the harbour where the street was buzzing with activity. It was busker festival and there were several stages where performers did their act. We visited the Maritime museum that has a large collection of Titanic memorybilia and ship's models. We wanted to take a tour with the Harbour Hopper but at the set time we were informed that departure would be delayed by at least half an hour. We got a refund and went back to Dartmouth so prepare for dinner with Bob, VE1REC, and his wife at Fisherman’s Cove.

Friday, August 17th Overcast 21C

It was our last breakfast at the B&B. We packed our suitcases and stored them in the garage. Our flight home was only at 22:45. We went back to Halifax for the Harbour Hopper tour. The aphibious vehicle makes a sightseeing tour around the city and than takes to the water for a tour of the harbour. We walked through the shopping area and had lunch before went back to the B&B where we rested for a while and then loaded up the car. Since Bob and Elizabeth wanted to see us off we stopped by their house before getting to the airport. We returned the car and went to the check-in counter. Things were not looking good right away. The self check-in would only work for 2 of us so we needed human intervention. The check-in agent even had trouble getting the boarding passes to print correctly. Next the luggage had to be tagged, first suitcase was no trouble, the second and third however were to heavy. the total weight of all 3 suitcases was OK though. That was not enough. We needed to lower the weight of the 2 heavy suitcases. The lighter one however was already gone on the conveyor belt. After discussing with the check-in lady she was prepared to go find our lighter suitcase so we could rearrange the weight. We almost ran out of time to have a drink with our two hosts before we had to go to the gate.

Saturday, August 18th

After an uneventfull flight we arrived in London around 8:30. We had to transfer from T3 to T1 by bus. Eventhough the signs said there was a bus every 6 minutes we had to wait more than 20 minutes. When we finally arrived at T1 all became clear about the long wait for the bus. Security at the 1st floor could not process fast enough so people could only enter the building once the lines moved forward enough. When it was finally our turn to enter and take the escalator up almost an hour had past. The security check was quickly over and a little later we could get breakfast. After that we found a few empty seats to spend the rest of the day. Our flight to Brussels was only at 16:20. We had tried to get an earlier flight but according to the BMI lady "Heathrow is a high security airport and since your luggage is checked through Brussels it's impossible to change the flight. Passengers can not be seperated from their luggage". We didn't know this at the time but this sence would come back to haunt her....
The flight left a few minutes late but arrived in Brussels on time. This when we remembered what the BMI agent said.... our luggage was not in Brussels... Doh!
We filed a lost luggage claim and were told our suitcases were still in Heathrow airport. They would be in Brussels on sundayevening. They would call us when they would deliver them at our home.

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