The Alyeska pipeline
One of the most famous 'sights' in Alaska. the Alyeska Pipeline that stretches from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.

On the evening of Thursday July 30th (Friday 31st UTC) band conditions were lousy. There was hardly anything to be worked. I only had one QSO with 3D2SJ, Steve, in Fiji.

The small cessna to McCarty
From Chitina we took a flight to the old mining town of McCarty. The 'air taxi' was a small Cessna from Wrangell Mountain Air . Fortunately the weather was excellent. Blue skies and during the day temperatures went up to 27 C (80 F).

The glacier from the airplane

Columbia glacier

On Sunday, August 2nd, we left Valdez on the M/V Bartlett. We left a misty harbor for Whittier via the Columbia glacier. Because of the bad weather we didn't get to see the glacier. We did see the broken off ice chunks floating in the water.... it made us feel a bit like passengers aboard the Titanic. Ice from Columbia glacier

After arriving in Whittier we left the ferry and waited about an hour before boarding the train (the ONLY way to get in or out of the city). Driving onto a train with an RV is not always easy we only had inches to spare on both sides. After 35 minutes and 2 long dark tunnels we arrived in Portage. Now we had a road to drive on... that was an improvement.

Open roads
These are the busy roads people warned us about.

DogsledThe Kenai Peninsula is very busy during the summer season. Many come here to fish. Apart from fishing, there are a lot of other activities. One of the more unique things to do is going on a dog sled ride.

Iditarod mapIn Seward we took a tour of Iditaride Dog Sled Tours. After a tour of the kennel and meeting the athletes we boarded a special sled (with wheels) for a short ride. In March they participate in the Great Iditarod Race from Wasilla to Nome.

Orca'sThe next day we made a trip aboard the Kenai Fjords for a 9 1/2 hour tour to the Northwestern Glacier. After getting breakfast on board we watched the wildlife of Alaska. There were puffins, harbor seals, sea otters, orcas and sperm whale.Sperm whale

From Seward we drove to Homer and then on to Anchorage. This was our final destination in Alaska, we completed the circle. We hope to go back there one day. Of all the places we've visited so far this must have been the most impressive. We only saw a small part of this huge state that so far has resisted development of the wilderness. With the increasing tourist activity in Alaska, I hope that they will not give in to mass tourism and start building hotels and theme parks on every street corner.

Alaska is great but it should remain The Last Frontier.
Special thanks should go to Andre and Shana Clay in North Pole for inviting us

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