Mobile setup

Since getting a TS-50S and Outbacker Perth in 1996 I'm active from the car when on short trips away from home and during holidays.In July 2005 The faithfull TS-50S was replaced by a Kenwood TS-480SAT.

The Outbacker Perth is a mobile antenna that works on all amateur bands from 10 to 80 meter. Since I bought mine in the US it's not possible to adjust on 80 meter and I can just about get SWR within the limits on the top of 40 meter. There's no problem on the other bands where the antenna works with perfect SWR across most or all of the frequency range.

Inside of the mount

Outbacker Perth on the Diamond mount

I have mounted the antenna on a Diamond K-400 trunklip mount so I would not need to drill holes.

Fly lead

The flylead is an important part of the Perth. Without it, SWR is skyhigh and RF gets into the car radio.


Outbacker Perth on 15m

Changing bands is done by changing the plug of the wander lead?